Why Use the Blockchain

Stop people hacking the system, more secure, smart contracts for large projects. Transparent for users. Proof of growth and use.

Nowadays, the majority of consumers work with a middleman such as a commercial bank to fill or file a transaction. But now the blockchain enables consumers and vendors to link directly, getting rid of the need for any other third parties, making it cheaper and faster to move goods, money or products.

Using cryptocurrency tokens like NXH tokens keeps transactions secure, fast and visible. The blockchain offers a decentralised database, or ledger, of deals that anyone on the system can see. This makes NXH token effectively an honesty system for both customers and clients as all transactions are verified and recorded.

A key aspect of using the blockchain for Nexmesh is the added benefit of smart contracts: in short this is code stored on the blockchain that instantly executes when particular circumstances have been fulfilled. Like paying networks for use, token offerings for work done, airdrops for workers and the community and many more issues that would normally take many man hours to process.

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