What makes us better than the other mesh network projects

Since we began in 2015, there have been some other similar mesh network projects start up. It’s encouraging to see such support for the idea, as we know we’re onto a great project that could have an incredible impact. Below is an outline of what makes our project stand out from there herd.

Fair Token Launch

Our token launch will be via airdrop and bounties. We will keep a portion of the tokens for essential activities such as developing our own blockchain, exchange listings, advisors, legal etc, however unlike almost any other project we’ve seen, we’re only allocating 8% of the total supply to be distributed among the core team – such is our belief in the long term benefit of this project both financially and also to the benefit of billions of people all over the world. Other mesh projects we’ve come across are ICO’s with the company/team taking 50% or even more.

Our motivation behind giving so many tokens away and making it a community coin is this:

By giving out airdrops and bounties, we will be attracting those people who are interested and passionate about the project and making a difference to the way internet as we know it functions. This way, the token holders will be a team of likeminded, driven individuals with a common goal – a fantastic recipe for success.


Unlike some of the other mesh projects, we will not be having an Initial Coin Offering or funding event. Our vision is to give the ownership and power to the community so that we can grow together and share the rewards together as we

As the SEC cracks down on ICO’s, we’ll avoid the legal issues that other projects who conducted ICO’s will face. If the SEC decides to come down hard on those ICO’s, we expect money to flow out of a lot of those developing projects.

Local business and charity connections

We will be working closely with local businesses to achieve broader exposure to mesh networks by having them set up in built-up shopping streets and districts. This will be beneficial for the business, the customers and also for our brand.

We also plan to establish connections and projects with a number of charities and not-for-profit organisations with the aim of connecting the hundreds of millions of people who are not currently connected. Not only will this bring an effective method of communication between remote villages, this could see many underprivileged communities having access to a better means of education and the many different avenues for generating an online income for themselves. This project truly could be the biggest bridge between the developed and developing worlds we’ve ever seen.

Own Blockchain

We are in early stages of developing our own blockchain which will have some exciting functions.

The main one we want to share with you now is the Proof of Node (PoN) function. The coin will not be mineable in the way that we are currently familiar with. By providing a node into a network, the provider will be rewarded with coins proportionate to the size of the network. This could mean either setting up a local mesh network in your town/street/apartment building/office building/workplace or it could mean adding an additional node to an existing mesh network, increasing the speed of the network.

We will have the necessary hardware available from our website by this time and setup and installation should be as easy as plugging into a power outlet.


Mobile Vs Fixed nodes

Initially, this system will be running with routers that will be a simple plug in to a power supply and will automatically connect with other nearby devices. This type of ad hoc network already exists in approximately 100,000 networks across the world. Our role is to

  1. a)  integrate the reward of Nexmesh tokens (effectively mining) to these nodes and
  2. b) connect these networks to each other through towers and satellite signal.

It is not unfathomable to have millions or even billions of devices all running on one massive mesh network.

Some of the other projects are promoting their goal of linking mobile phones in ad hoc networks, however with technology the current landscape of iOS and Android devices, we believe that this vision is still some time off becoming a practical solution. Technically, the technology may be sufficient, however the probability of slow speeds and significant reduction of battery life may render this setup unpractical at present.

Our community will be driving the project and the project will be driving the community. It’s our time to bring the new age of internet.

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