The concept of Nexmesh (NXH) is a community token that is backed by real products and services. The idea was born in 2015 when the business Nexmesh began and realized that there was HUGE potential for a token that can be managed by the community. The beauty of this is that contributions and skill are valued rather than financial power. You do not need to have loads of money to be a part of this amazing project. In fact, that larger the NexMesh community, the greater awareness and publicity of the token.

NexMesh will start as an ERC-20 token with the vision for it to develop into our own rebranded blockchain derived token with input and work from the Nexmesh community.

As a true community-based concept, Nexmesh will reward contributors to the project in meaningful ways with fortnightly airdrops, regular giveaways, public acknowledgment, roles to fill and business opportunities.

The community will dictate events that occur and facilitate the day to day runnings of Nexmesh through voting capabilities. This allows the coin to operate in the hands of the people rather than being solely developer controlled.

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