Since starting out in the first weeks of 2015, we’ve pulled together a great core team and foundation platform to launch from.

With the number of mesh networks worldwide having grown to over 80,000, we’ve taken a great deal of time in understanding the issues that many of these networks face.

We’ve developed and tested our initial products and are excited about the next major step which is to develop our own blockchain to run the network on.

Q2 2018

The next step ahead is to start distributing coins into the community. We’re going to be airdropping coins, as well as allocating coins for numerous tasks such as translations, logo design, forum and social media moderators, programming/developers as well as a number of competitions we’ll be running. We’re really excited to build the community and get as much interaction as possible. Effectively, we’re giving ownership of the project to the community by airdropping so many tokens, so the success and failures (hopefully far more success) will be experienced by everyone together. We know there are some brilliant people out there with some great ideas and skills so we’re really excited to get some more talent on board.

Q3-4 2018

By the second half of this year, we will have networks set up using our system so that as soon as the NXH blockchain is finalised we will be able to roll it out with Proof of Node (PoN) functioning immediately. As with many projects in this field, the first implementers are going to be the ones who will benefit the most from this.

Also later this year we aim to be listed on some of the major exchanges, however of course we hope that those that are airdropped tokens will be believers of the project and will be solid hodlers and will still be there for the big successes of the project down the track!

By this stage we will be looking to have secured strong partnerships with other businesses and organisations with strong input from the community. This is going to be a period of great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to establish networks in their areas and become the beneficiary of all the NXH tokens mined by their network. There is no limit to the number and size of the networks, so the more users each person can reach, the greater their rewards.


By early 2019 we will be aiming to roll out the NXH blockchain, which will include a token swap for all holders and the PoN function which will enable earning of tokens to take place immediately.

This is the time that we expect the product to be booming. 2018 will be about establishing the community, distributing the hardware and getting the networks established, then in 2019 we expect it to ignite and spread with exponential growth.


I’ve always had 20/20 vision! Now it suddenly doesn’t seem so far away!

By 2020 we expect to have consolidated our partnerships with satellite providers and established infrastructure to connect networks over larger geographical distances such as connecting towns over 50km apart or even connecting continents across oceans. We’re also looking into LiFi technology and how we can integrate that however we need some more research on that front.

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