NexMesh needs community to launch and there is a lot to be done BUT the rewards are great. We are all about providing compensation fairly for work done. We value ALL of you, regardless of skill level as we believe that everyone has an important role to play in realising NexMesh’s vision.

Opportunities and challenges for implementation

  • Social networking campaigns; e.g.; Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Forum posting and moderation for Xmesh forum
  • Forum posting and moderation for existing forum threads, e.g.; Bitcoin Talk, Telegram
  • ANN design
  • Prelaunch paper & Whitepaper translations
  • Graphic design and programming
  • Register EOI for future redevelopment and growth
  • Tell us what you can do!

The final 10% it normally requires to launch something uses as much dedication as the first 90%.

Your Level of help is rewarded with Airdropped NXH

  1. Connect us with the community — helping with recruitment, helping with reddit, Bitcointalk, participating in the telegram, making videos, setting up physical communities and local networks.
  2. Providing the Nexmesh team with advice — improving our whitepaper, website design, translating copy, etc.
  3. Doing work for the team — Telegram admins, Local language admins, github code contributors, translators.

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