Nexmesh Mesh Networks offers free, central cloud management from a simple dashboard using Android, IOS or PC.

Our free software and apps offer great tools like, print vouchers, FB likes, collect data and feedback, send offers with sms or email, create custom splash pages, oversee bandwidth, reboot systems anywhere in the world, block clients and more all from your phone or PC.

Reliable durability from automated fail-over so you can deploy any network large or small with confidence. And with automatic email alerts and planned maintenance you control that prevent interruption through critical periods.

Simple installation in minutes with absolutely no configuration needed, plug-and-play networks, automated channel settings and automated routing to extend WiFi signals to broken or low quality areas. Easy to use hardware and software management that is powerful enough for professionals and easy enough for nearly anyone to setup in no time.


Mobile Mesh Apps

Nexmesh includes free iOS and Android apps, so you can develop, organize and track your mesh networks while on the move. Create new networks in seconds, setup new access points by simply scanning them in with a QR sticker on each device, and swap out access points without the need to reconfigure. You possess access to the complete operation at Nexmesh and also change in between mobile phone and PC to maintain or view any network worldwide.

Multiple SSIDs

Nexmesh can broadcast a variety of singular mesh networks all in one network setup, some public and others private. Public mesh networks can be tailored with our robust captive portal services, private mesh networks run flawlessly as an expansion of your LAN. Each mesh network can be uniquely labeled, kept visible or concealed, and left open or password protected.

“A user interface should be so simple that a beginner in an emergency can understand it within ten seconds”


Automated alerts

Never have time to always be checking all your networks status? Do not fret. If any hardware fails and doesn’t reappear up within 60 minutes, Nexmesh software will automatically email or SMS you about the outage. Outage alerts are simple to turn off and on, constantly keeping you up to date of your networks health.

Nexmesh systems have TWO separate layers: a public and private SSID system. This means that in the network and hardware offers a normal open internet connection and also a private layer. A typical use is a hotel that the customers used the public network while the workers and management use the private network all at the same time all built into the same system.

NexMesh networking is a powerful way to route data. Range is extended by allowing data to jump node to node and stability is increased by “self-healing,” the flexibility to make varied routes if one node stops working or a connection is missing, with cloud based management software people running nodes (access points) can see that network world wide on a PC or phone and correct any problems on the network instantly.


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