Individual users

Home monitoring and controls in smart houses (IoT): It’s a simple to turn lights off and on or dim them from anywhere in the world. It’s also easy to control gadgets like washers, dryers, refrigerators, smart home safety and security systems, sensors, monitors, cameras, alarm systems, air conditioning, and heating using Nexmesh access points.

The smart house marketplace will explode when IoT devices costs drop and the average person can see the benefits of the smart products. And after smart houses, the next obvious action is meshing smart towns and cities, which will take the IoT to the next phase of adoption. The mesh can be used right now for current connections like digital TVs, home computers, set top boxes, digital video recorders, audio systems at multiple locations large or small.

Internet access: A student needs access at university. They can do it by connecting to the Nexmesh network and at the same time they are promoting and helping the university by it earning Nexmesh tokens.

Sharing internet: Two families of the same town want to share the internet access cost make an agreement. They can do it by joining the Nexmesh network, now only one family pays the ISP connection and shares with the other family, both get 50% of Nexmesh tokens.

Remote management: A young participant uses the free remote software to remotely manage his father-in-laws network. This is possible from anywhere in the world via phone or PC. This way he saves traveling to his father-in-law home each time he accidentally messes something up.

Rural access or holiday home: The cost to have a connection when you are not there much and adjacent properties are in the same boat. One family pays for the connection and up to 20 family’s use the connection when holidaying. Each party saves and the main family that paid for the connection gets Nexmesh to pay for the ISP connection and hardware.




Associations, enterprises and government

Nexmesh Networks are there to control water treatment plants and sewerage systems, power generation systems, TV and mobile transmissions towers, cutting out the expensive process of dig trenches to run wires and cables. With these Nexmesh Networks in positioned, personnel can monitor and diagnose power and water supply in real-time, and all done for minimal expense.
Mesh networks can provide feedback from industrial control devices. Equipment issues can be examined to supply important maintenance information. Mesh networks can simplify routine maintenance and installation, the savings in wiring alone can be $500 to $2500 per meter, so the savings can be incredible.

The mesh can increase and expand coverage for fire, police, search and rescue teams, ambulance and many other public service departments.
New business needs a large network for 50 employees, cost for the whole network plus labor is too high, with a cost saving of 1-5 over traditional networks the business now has money to spend on other important projects.

Video surveillance: A company needs remote access to its warehouses surveillance cameras or a farmer wants to protect his garden. With Nexmesh networks they can plug and play cameras in minutes and have peace of mind.

Industrial remote management: An entrepreneur wants to install the latest smart remote controls and smart products in his company. Done in less than an hour over a large Industrial plots.

Distributed data backups: Distributed backups are highly recommended (fires, thefts, etc.).

Connection of headquarters: Social center’s connected and sharing files with file servers.

Improve bandwidth of the college: To reducing over used bandwidth and bad content from entering. All setup in minutes using our software.

Another real plus in emergency situations. These conditions is where mesh networks shine and nothing else can compare. Be it war, government internet shut downs or any other emergencies.

Nexmesh is self-healing: If any node fails, another will take its place.
As Nexmesh networks grow they also get faster as more nodes are introduced.

Nexmesh setups are useful in places that don’t have Ethernet connectivity, like outdoor live concerts, large depots or warehouses and off grid locations.
Mesh networks can operate faster because local packets do not need to return to a central server.

Nexmesh is an active and inclusive challenge in which anyone can take part. We are waiting for you!

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