Nexmesh Frontier (remote AP)

Off the grid solar/wind mesh access points:

We have been working with a few parties on getting the best possible outcome for a mesh system that is portable, mains power free and can send data 10 times further than standard AP on the market. Combining the use of wind or solar or both depending on location, we have come up with a way to add wind power in a safe and economical that combines power storage for the AP and also other gear at the site.

Required Features

  • Absolute minimal cost
  • Robust hardware
  • Support VOIP, Mobile’s, Video, Data
  • Browser config
  • Turn it on and walk away
  • Increased range
  • No wires, 100% remote AP


Optional Features

  • 24 hr operation (battery added)
  • robust software (cloud based)
  • auto config (self healing)
  • Wind, solar or both

Use and locations:

We see opening for the use of the nexmesh frontier in:

War zones, disaster zones, remote farms, mining sites, camp sites, underdeveloped countries, government internet lock outs, parties, outdoor events, filling holes in networks, search and rescue  and many more places, the advantage’s of the system are:

  • Incentive system
  • Lightweight monitoring system
  • Remote workers can save employers costs on travel and office space
  • Emergency Communications
  • Simple to Deploy
  • Decreased need for Internet gateways
  • Lower power requirements
  • Increased reliability
  • Less Expensive than Traditional Networks
  • Extremely adaptable and expandable
  • Support High Demand
  • User management
  • Roaming
  • Security
  • Node synchronization
  • Lightweight
  • Options for Satellite links
  • Maintaining Sustainability
  • Making a self-sustainable remote area network
  • Involve local economies
  • Get support from the community leaders
  • Establish the network as a community asset rather than as a mere commercial enterprise
  • Designing an adequate interface for different local languages and illiterate people


• 36 Amp Hour AGM sealed battery bank • Up to 24 hours battery only operation
• High power (400 mW) 802.11g/b, • Long range and system compatibility
• 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless • Supports standard PoE enabled devices
• PoE Ethernet port
• Power for non-PoE devices
• 12 Volt DC auxiliary power socket • Shuts down the system before battery damage
• Low voltage battery cutoff • Determine battery status and battery drain/charge
• Dual purpose digital meter • Portability and ease of carrying
• Water and dust protection
• Protective, durable and light weight


Nexmesh frontier WiFi has developed a low cost, solar and wind powered all in one system, the nexmesh WiFi access solution that runs out-of-the-box with no systems integration or power requirements. Nexmesh frontier nodes can then be deployed on rooftops to form a self-healing network that hops the source signal over a virtual 802.11b/g grid. Because these nodes require no fixed installation or power tie-ins, these nodes can form an unplanned, mobile grid that can grow or be relocated as needed. 

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