Requirements to get NXH airdrop, bounty/supporters program

The airdropping program will begin on the 5th of May 2018. The first series of airdrops will be limited to a predetermined number and will be of a first-in basis. Future giveaways will occur regularly and will be rewards for various tasks such as social media posting/sharing, signature campaigns, competitions and so on. Full details for airdrop requirements can be found at


No. 1 Airdrop (Requirements) Reward: 50 NXH tokens for the first 1000 people. (Airdrop No. 1)

Like and follow Nexmesh social media accounts and join our forum.

Read all rules
• Join Forum:
• Like/ follow our social media accounts. (updates for future Airdrops will be posted on our forum and social networks)
• Fill in Airdrop sign up form at official launch:
• Add Forum user name
• Add erc-20 wallet address.
Reward: 50 NXH tokens for the first 1000 people. (Airdrop No:1)

*OPTIONAL: (Not required) Over and Above extra reward options:

Over and Above Option 1. (Not Required)
Option 1: Reward: an EXTRA 50 tokens for posting 2 or more times over 1 week on our Bitcointalk ANN. (quality posts please)

Over and Above Option 2. (Not Required)
Option 2: Reward 200 tokens for 25 people (all people that submit above and beyond work go into a random draw).
Above and beyond options: Post in our forum, post blogs, comment in bitcointalk or other social networks, write article’s, make videos etc. (add any work to the Airdrop form below)

Bonus Reward: Reward: 500 tokens for 10 supporters: Most helpful supporters/best posters.  (Judged by forum Mods)

Above and beyond Rules/Terms: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Forum and other Social media sites

1. Do not spam!!! Quality over Quantity, both forum and networks.
2. Your Social media accounts must be 6 months or older
3. More than 50 friends/followers
4. Fake and aggregated accounts are prohibited.
5. All reposts, retweets and posts must be public.
6. All posts/reposts & retweets must be marked with hashtag #nexmesh, also may contain #NXH and #airdrop (Twitter &Facebook)
7. Do not post more than 2 posts a week on any network.
8. Posts must not be deleted until the airdrop ends.
9. You can re-post no more than 2 posts from our Facebook or twitter account each week
10. Submit links of your Posts and Shares in the form below.
11. Use links of your own posts/reposts
12. Do not share all posts in one Day
13. Again, we are not after a spam affect. Please do not spam any network or forum, keep it real.


FIRST BOUNTIES: Once the first Airdrop is compete we will move to bounties and Airdrop 2
• Make A Bitcointalk Signature with clean code for Nexmesh/NXH. Best will be voted on by community, winner gets 2000 tokens. Email for info on Bitcointalk Signature bounties.
• Official ANN Translations- 250 tokens Paper
• Token Ticker logo- 2000 tokens as voted by the community. Will provide bounty to runner ups TBA
• Moderators for forums- TBA tokens
• Marketing/ Promotion (Press releases, Advertorials, Videos, Social Networking etc.) TBA tokens
• Directory listings- (Airdrop Sites)- Once listing is visible, listing claimants will be paid TBA tokens
• Bounties for those that work on exchanges for inclusion of NXH. TBA depending on exchange.


Please contact us at with your background and area of expertise that you believe you will be able to contribute to the team. In the short term, we’re looking for;
• Social networking campaigns; e.g. Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram
• Forum posting and moderation for NexMesh forum
• Forum posting and moderation for existing forum threads, e.g.; Bitcointalk, Telegram
• Ticker design
• Bitcointalk signature design
• Whitepaper translations
• Programming and Blockchain development
• Register EOI for future redevelopment and growth
• Tell us what you can do!
We look forward to hearing from you.

Terms and Conditions

One person can register using one account, if we find that you use multiple accounts to participate, you will be disqualified immediately. Using other people’s post or work will also disqualify you immediately
The Airdrop/supporters program will run until POS/PON is setup or allotted airdrop / supporters program tokens run out.


Why mesh networks become my passion.

New Year’s Day 1998. A Fire had been raging through the Wingello State Forest since the previous day that was caused by a lightning strike. I was an unofficial member of the CFA a voluntary firefighting group in the little town of Wingello in the southern highlands of NSW Australia.

On New year’s morning I heard the fire trucks heading into the forests, At the time I lived on the last block boarding the forest. The crew told me about the fire as I was packing up heading for a party in Sydney. I left thinking it would be a normal day for the fire crew. Not sounding like a big fire I headed off to party for a few days of fun in the city.

After the party the next day, I heard a tv news station talking about a fire crew being engulfed in a fire storm with one fatality and most of the crew very badly burnt. I was shocked when they mentioned it was my home towns crew and my friends were involved. It was sad for the community that was no more than 200 people.

I headed back home and sat in a meeting to hear what had gone wrong. The official story was that Wingello 1, a converted 1982 Bedford truck, with 8 crew members inside the fire truck were caught on a narrow track behind a stuck National Parks and Wildlife Service four-wheel drive. When the air hoses on the back of the tanker blew, the brakes locked and in less than 30 seconds the fire consumed the tanker.

There was the official statement and then I heard from the surviving crew that it was a cascade of events that unfolded into the devastating loss of life and severely deformed bodies the fire caused on the survivors.

The main thing that stuck out to me was the communications systems when hearing the story, there was not one thing that could have helped in my mind more than the crew being able to access a system for remote locations that worked. The forest was a perfect black hole for radios and most communication devices.

From here I could see the need for better portable communications systems for emergency and remote locations, and just how important it was for not only help when needed but also for general information transfers. Radios were so limited and also worthless depending on distance and terrain. Years later I started looking into ways to have portable internet connections that could help with spotting fires, sending info to base stations and also for the crews on the ground.

In 1998 mesh networks were not commonly known about and still today many people do not understand the importance of a system that is cheap and easy to deploy. Even if we had all had mobile phones back in 1998 they would had had even less range that short wave radios used by emergency services.


The last Mile

Nexmesh has been focused on the last mile, a term that holds back mesh networks from their full potential. The last mile is the distance from each network node, an example is most access points send less than 500 meters before needing to have another node to communicate with.

Nexmesh has been working for many years offering a good product for towns and business but more so on closing the last mile problems. We have been working this year with a manufacture to offer systems that can send over 50kms between single nodes or access points. This has been very exciting and also a headache.

We have not yet released these new long range systems as more testing and work need to be done to but we are happy to say we are now close to be able to offer anyone a long distance mesh network. Nexmesh will now push to offer the systems to emergency services and also the public.

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