Nexmesh has big ideas and massive goals and the one thing we have learnt is that great teams build big ideas. Being a community-based project, we want to hear your ideas and feedback. Community engagement is a vital part of Nexmesh projects to the benefit everyone not just token holders. Running a community-based project will offer better outcomes for all stakeholders, the community and lower project costs. Effective community engagement is about recognising that involving the public in a project is no longer about information dissemination and telling the people what is being done, but is a two-way information sharing tool. Regardless of your qualifications, everyone knows what they like and dislike and has an opinion about what needs to be done and where priorities should lie.

We have been in real world business long enough to know that there has always been competition, however, we don’t have to be rivals. We can empower each other. The team will work with other crypto teams and business right up to some of the largest charities to make the mesh a common word. It was not long ago that bitcoin was not commonly known about now it is a household name. Time and effort will pay off for all parties involved.

We have already made contact with many similar projects and communities and are discussing potential for collaboration. Things look promising.

Nexmesh have a few large goals that will also make mesh more usable, cheaper, expandable while fixing a few of the short falls that need to be addressed.

Nexmesh is here for the long run, we have been planning for many years and understand the power of the product.

The idea of Nexmesh is to offer the net in a new way to people that do not have the luxuries many of us do. The goal is to setup new ways to get the meshnet connection at a fair price, without prejudice, whether in metropolitan or in rural areas, making the main focus of encouraging the engagement of disadvantaged people all over the world, with less opportunities or less resources to access the Internet. The goal is not greed but a fair go for everyone. Gaining access to computers and the Internet has become a basic need for education in our society, using Nexmesh to subsidise mesh networks and keeping the whole system simple is our main goal.

Nexmesh is an active and inclusive challenge in which anyone can take part. We are waiting for you!

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