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Our vision for Nexmesh is a community token that is backed by tangible products and services. More specifically, we aim to facilitate the global adoption of mesh networks and integrate the reward of Nexmesh tokens for the nodes serving the networks.

We first put our vision on paper in early 2015 and are now at the point where we want to build the team and community further.

More details of Nexmesh are provided in the white paper which will be released in the coming weeks, but briefly, it is a mesh network comprising of nodes that extend existing networks within an area that can expand across a large region for networking within a group or community. Yes, there are already mesh systems running, but the difference with Nexmesh is that

  1. a) it is very simple to install, we have sourced a hardware supplier that will facilitate an extremely simple setup for people with zero technical background or ability
  2. b) it will be inexpensive, and
  3. c) will be easy to maintain.

Existing mesh systems are complex to install, expensive and hard to manage. The idea of Nexmesh Wireless networks is very simple. Rather of being reliant on backbones set up and managed by large ISPs and government authorities, Mesh networking rely on little off-the-shelf routers to make a network of coordinated nodes that will connect with each other in ad-hoc.  The key is a comprehensive decentralized network. Mesh networks are often developed and managed by communities and innovation devotees that are committed only by their love for their community.

The idea of Nexmesh is to offer the net in a new way to people that do not have the luxuries many of us do. The goal is to setup new ways to get the mesh connection at a fair price, without prejudice, for both metropolitan and rural areas. The focus is encouraging the engagement for disadvantaged people all over the world, with less opportunities or less resources to access the Internet.  The goal is not greed but a fair go for everyone. Gaining access to computers and the Internet has become a basic need for education, advantage and communications in our society, and we believe that the Nexmesh system can subsidise mesh networks, keeping the whole system simple.

Adoption is key.  Just like crypto, mesh networks need to be pushed into mainstream and have mass adoption. Our aim is to adapt a way to reward sharing on any network. Having access to over 80,000 current mesh networks that use the same or similar hardware and routing protocol gives our project an excellent platform to launch from.


Nexmesh (NXH) will begin as an ERC-20 token, however will be further developed into our own blockchain with a number of additional functions including Proof of Stake (PoS) and a new forging algorithm called Proof of Node (PoN). This algorithm works by forging new tokens to people that share an open network, be it to neighbours or the public. This reward system is open to the public and business alike.

The PoS algorithm enables tokens to be earnt by forging blocks. In short, PoS rewards people that hold the token and is a system where new tokens are created over time, like GAS is to NEO. PoS also secures the token from attack.

Name: Nexmesh

Ticker: NXH

Maximum total supply: 500,000,000

Decimals: 18

As a true community-based concept, Nexmesh will reward contributors to the project in meaningful ways with fortnightly airdrops, regular giveaways, public acknowledgement, roles to fill and business opportunities.

The community will dictate events that occur and facilitate the day to day running’s of Nexmesh through voting capabilities. This allows the coin to operate in the hands of the people rather than being solely developer controlled.


We are building the team and only want members who are serious about the long-term vision of the project. If we pull this off, we can completely change the landscape of the way internet is shared around the world as well as providing connections for those in areas who are currently poorly serviced. Good business and good karma. Our core values are as follows and want people to join who will be a natural fit to these;

–       Integrity

–       Respect

–       Challenge everything

–       Do things with passion

–       Have fun


Please contact us with your background and area of expertise that you believe you will be able to contribute to the team. In the short term, we’re looking for;

  • Social networking campaigns; e.g.; Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Forum posting and moderation for Nexmesh forum
  • Forum posting and moderation for existing forum threads, e.g.; Bitcointalk, Telegram
  • Whitepaper translations
  • Graphic design
  • Programming
  • Register EOI for future redevelopment and growth
  • Tell us what you can do!

We look forward to hearing from you.

NXH has big ideas and massive goals and the one thing we have learnt is that great teams build big ideas. Being a community-based project, we want to hear your ideas and feedback. Community engagement is a vital part of Nexmesh projects to the benefit everyone not just token holders. Running a community-based project will offer better outcomes for all stakeholders, the community and lower project costs. Effective community engagement is about recognising that involving the public in a project is no longer about information dissemination and telling the people what is being done, but is a two-way information sharing tool. Regardless of your qualifications, everyone knows what they like and dislike and has an opinion about what needs to be done and where priorities should lie.

We have been in real world business long enough to understand the power of sharing ideas, the team will work with other crypto teams and businesses right up to some of the largest charities to make the mesh a common word. It was not long ago that bitcoin was not commonly known about now it is a household name. Time and effort will pay off for all parties involved.

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