Adoption is Key.

Just like crypto mesh networks need to be pushed into mainstream and have mass adoption. Our aim is to adapt a way to reward sharing on any network. The tech of the blockchain is another way to show our clients that we have a trusted ledger of transactions and payments. Knowing we have access to over 80,000 current mesh networks that use the same or similar hardware and routing protocol makes our idea workable.

The Nexmesh business model is mainly structured as follows:

Product sales of access points (AP) for distributing the mesh along with other networking hardware for indoor and outdoor use.
Free Cloud based software for complete management of NeNexmesh systems (Includes hardware watchdog)
Zero configuration plug and play networking
Self forming, self-healing mesh
Free IOS and Android App
Installation of Nexmesh systems
Captive portals including voucher systems (customers can offer pay for use or free network access)
Easy scalability
Multiple SSID’s for public or customized private networks
Nexmesh needs community to launch and there is a lot to be done BUT the rewards are great. We are all about providing compensation fairly for work done. We value ALL of you, regardless of skill level as we believe that everyone has an important role to play in realizing Nexmesh’s vision.

The goal is not as much residential customers to start but business. Nexmesh has been around since 2014 selling mesh networking hardware to business and now we are growing our team worldwide. We have seen the cost saving and also the benefits to business using our systems in Australia to the point we are going to expand worldwide. The current rate of saving for business using our hardware over traditional networking is around 5-1. Some of that cost saving doesn’t even account for our teams being able to monitor customer’s networks from anywhere in the world and fix problems instantly. Larger business will save even more than 5-1 as they no longer need full time employees to service and monitor networks. We have also found that business are finally understanding some of the main features of our systems like offering free wifi for customers, advertising to customers when they use the wifi and some use the in-house voucher systems to charge customers for use.

Nexmesh is gaining momentum with local councils that plan and implement mesh Wi-Fi for public Internet access, we are working right now on the first large scale local mesh for public use that is run by business working with local council. Once
setup up this will be the test case for all future councils in Australia.

Nexmesh is offering franchises to people that have an interest in an easy work from home or self-employed people and we will be offering these franchise to the community before we move onto wider adaption and other markets.

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